What to watch out for when buying an electric scooter?

What to watch out for when buying an electric scooter?

Along with safe and useful scooters, there are also less quality products to avoid. So if you’ve chosen an electric scooter, here’s a complete list of things to watch out for before buying one.

An electric scooter is an excellent transport solution with green technology and a long line of advantages over other solutions such as private car, public transport, electric bicycles or sagwi. An electric scooter does not require licensing or insurance and with a motorized scooter also do not have to worry about parking or finding a parking space. But there are different types of electric scooters, each with different characteristics, and along with safe and useful scooters there are also less quality products to avoid. So if you’ve chosen an electric scooter, here’s a complete list of things to watch out for before buying one.

Where to buy?
The question of where to buy an electric scooter is very important. The best and safest source for buying an adult electric scooter will be a well-established and well-established company, preferably with more than one branch. This will ensure that the store will not “disappear” as soon as you need it and that you will be answered any questions or problems that arise during the use of scooter.


Do not give up responsibility!
An electric scooter is not a cheap product and therefore it is very important to accept responsibility as part of its purchase transaction. If the store you buy does not guarantee the product, it probably does not trust it and it is best not to purchase it in the first place.


Look for the device character
Acceptance of a standard mark means that the product has been inspected by an independent entity and has been certified as safe for use. An electric scooter that can reach the legal speed of 25 km / h and is used for getting to work and therefore needs to be reliable and durable is very important for such approval because the Ministry of Transportation conducts surprise inspections and confiscations at train stations and major streets for illegal vehicles. Km / h and not the 100W standard defined as a toy and allowed to move at up to 12 km / h only. INOKIM’s electrical cabinet has a standard from the Standards Institute of Israel and the Ministry of Transport.


Plastic wheels are not safe
Many models of electric scooters are sold with plastic wheels. The plastic does not provide a high grip, and while the road or pavement is wet or smooth, there is a risk of smoothing. For example, INOKIM’s scooter has 10 “pneumatic rubber tires for a much safer and safer ride.


Check the quality of the finish
There is a great deal of difference in the quality of the electric scooters in the market. There are quality products from well-known companies assembled in one factory by a well-known designer with a rich history in the field, and on the other hand (scooter scooter) scooters that are carelessly assembled from parts collected from various sources. An electric scooter should be of high quality, safe and well-mounted. Check the connections between its parts, cables, brake and wheels. Also check the aluminum platform, not the wood of any kind (during an inflatable rain, it loses its shape and may break). It seemed as though each of them had come from another source and the finishing and assembly were done hastily, just do not buy.


Check the quality of the assemblies
A motorized scooter is a transportation tool for all intents and purposes, so it is very important to check that it is made of high quality assemblies that will operate safely over time. Check the battery – what the product is, what its power is and how long it will charge. Ask about the scooter engine, what type it is and what its power is. Check the brake system, the lighting (the scooter needs front and rear lighting), the throttle and the folding mechanism if there is one. The Inocac electric scooter, for example, has an advanced Lithyum Ion battery and a brushless motor that ensure smooth operation and good performance over time.


Mastering has advantages
There are many stores that sell “everything you can find and all that is trendy”: bicycles, electric bicycles, Hoover-Borders and motorized scooters. This selection is good, but there are advantages to specialization – if you decide to purchase an electric scooter, look for a shop that specializes only in experienced electric scooters.

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