The electric scooter that fits them all!

The electric scooter that fits them!

You do not need licensing, you do not need insurance, you do not need any prior knowledge – just get on it and go wherever you want. Inocac’s electric scooter captures Israel and brings the urban freedom revolution to their own pace!

You do not need licensing, you do not need insurance, you do not need any prior knowledge – just get on it and go wherever you want. Inokim’s electric scooter captures Israel and brings the urban freedom revolution to their own pace!

If you thought electric scooter was a toy, think again. A professional motorized scooter is a transportation tool for all intents and purposes, simply without the costs and restrictions of “ordinary” vehicles, and with a wide range of advantages for different types of uses. Forget about parking problems, bottlenecks, and the multi-line. Stop polluting, stop paying a fortune for fuel, and simply enjoy a quiet, pollution-free trip thanks to Inokim’s green technology. For whom does Inokim’s scooter fit? for everyone.

For those who come from afar

A large proportion of those working in Gush Dan come from afar, in most cases by train. But what do you do when you reach Tel Aviv (or any other city for that matter)? So you have to start hitting, chasing taxis or waiting on buses. But no more! Inoccan’s scooter has a unique folding mechanism with a registered patent that enables easy folding in seconds to compact dimensions. Thanks to this, Inokim’s electric scooter can be loaded onto the train, and when you get there, you simply open it and start driving. INOKIM is also the only company that has received a sales permit within the Israel Railways station at Savidor Station, where you can also receive service if necessary.

For those who come close

Tel Avivians simply have to have a scooter for work because it is the ultimate transportation tool for the city. Unlike the Tostos, you do not need licensing or insurance, you do not have to sweat in the summer like riding a bicycle and you should not be afraid of being stolen as with an electric bicycle that can be put in any place. He easily enters every elevator and Innoccan’s scooter also has no problem inserting a scooter to work – it is compact and extremely easy.


Among the high-tech Inokim electric scooter became a real hit, which is pretty clear why. Along with all its advantages already mentioned, our scooter is technologically advanced and is undoubtedly the most “hunk” scooter with award-winning design and quality finish. We understand that in high tech we love Inokim and therefore we also have special service and special conditions for business customers – try us!

For students

The lives of students are not easy – you have to pay tuition, rent in the city is high and in general, they have to run around the city from school to work and cope with the cost of living high. But at least in the field of transportation, they have a perfect solution – a recommended electric scooter for the train. You can reach it anywhere and put it anywhere, without fuel costs and without licensing and insurance. Even Tel Aviv University recognized the efficiency of Inokim’s scooter and approved its introduction into the university.

For high school students

Inokim’s electric scooter is a professional scooter, but that does not mean that even teenage high school students cannot enjoy it. With better performance than electric bikes, cool design and no fear of coolness, there is no more “classy” than getting to high school with an electric scooter. We even have a light model that is lighter and cheaper but still quality and safe especially with pneumatic rubber tires.

The Greens

If the environment is important to you, Inokim’s green technology is right for you. Why continue to pollute the air in the car or the bus if it is possible to reach quickly and easily anywhere with an electric scooter? Zero pollutant emissions, zero fuel consumption – a hundred in concern for the environment.

For anyone who wants to get in style

Inokim’s electric scooter is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to get in style. It is no coincidence that many celebs chose the Infected as their urban transportation solution – it is the most designed, technological and most attractive electric scooter.

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