The next generation of hi-tech vehicles

The next generation of hi-tech vehicles

If there is something Michael Kupferman understands, it’s innovation. Kupferman is a successful high-tech man and vice president of research and development for Israeli company Intango.

If there is something Michael Kupferman understands, it’s innovation. Kupferman is a successful high-tech man and vice president of research and development for Israeli company Intango, one of the world’s leading companies in digital advertising.

But if you thought Kupferman was traveling in a luxury car or at least a car, think again. Every day he leaves his home in Zichron Ya’akov to the train station in Binyamina, where he takes the train with Enoch’s electric scooter. He takes the time to Tel Aviv to read, work and talk on the phone, and when he arrives at the university station in Tel Aviv he simply climbs the scooter and drives to his office in Ramat Hahayal.

Save two hours each day

“It takes me an hour to get to work door to door,” he said. “When I have no choice and I have to take the car, it can take between an hour and a half to three hours, depending on the situation on the roads.” “I have INOKIM Light and when I get to the train I just fold it and put it under the seat,” added Kupferman

On Enoch’s electric scooter he heard an author. “I debated whether to buy an electric bicycle, but a friend told me about the motorized scooter and how efficient and fun it was,” Kupferman recalls. He took a turn and fell in love, and he was not the only one

At Intango, the company where Kupferman works, there are already six electric scooters of other high-tech people who have seen and were enthusiastic. Inside the company’s offices there is a special parking lot for scooters, and apart from driving the owners of scooters from their homes to the office and back, the scooters are also used by other company employees who take them for errands, mail or bring food in the afternoon. Kupferman says there are more and more interested in Enoch’s scooter among high-tech people in general and in the company in which he works in particular. “The scooters have become real vehicles for our company and everyone is using them,” he testified.

INOKIM and high-tech – natural connection

Just as Israel is considered the world leader in innovation in high-tech, it also leads to urban transportation solutions with INKIM’s scooter, which is an Israeli invention that is successful all over the world.

The connection between the electric scooter is a high-tech world Ainokim natural connection and even prompted. Most of the high-tech companies are located in compounds like Ramat Hahayal, places that suffer from chronic traffic jams every morning and lack of parking spaces. Many high-tech people live outside the city and come by train to which it is not usually possible to bring electric bicycles.

Enokim’s scooter can be folded and raised to the train, you can get into the elevator with it and even put it right inside the office thanks to the unique folding mechanism and its compact dimensions.

But Enoch’s electric scooter is recommended for adults not only efficient but also designed, fun and fun to ride – other elements that high-tech people will appreciate very much. After all, what’s more fun than going out for a meeting or bringing lunch on the scooter, without wasting time, without traffic jams and parking problems?

And if all this is not enough to intrigue you, Inocak Israel has dedicated sales people for businesses that will tailor a particularly attractive deal to one or several scooters for your employees. Inocco’s electric scooter is very suitable for companies and high-tech personnel, and for those operating in the Ramat Hahayal area, this is even more worthwhile because of the new Ramat Hahayal branch that provides service right next to your offices.

Want to hear more about INOKIM’s offer to high-tech, high-tech companies and businesses? Leave details and we will contact you accordingly and we will reach you with an attractive offer for which you will also enjoy Urban Freedom.

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