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Have you chosen an electric scooter for your urban transportation solution? At a good hour, you made the right decision. But what motorized scooter to buy? The market offers quite a few models and those who are not available and understand difficult to choose.

Have you chosen an electric scooter for your urban transportation solution? At a good hour, you made the right decision. But what motorized scooter to buy? The market offers quite a few models and those who are not available and understand difficult to choose. So here are all the reasons, and there are quite a few, to choose INOKIM’s electric scooter over the competition.

Israeli pride
Enoch’s electric scooter is the product of the successful Israeli designer Nimrod Sapir. The design, the folding mechanism, the precise cutting of the scooter parts – all developed in Israel.

quality product
Most of the scooters imported and sold in Israel are “sticker” products – products made up of parts collected from various sources, assembled together in another place and labeled with a brand name. Inokim’s motorized scooter is made up entirely of one factory with strict quality control and INOKIM is a leading and recognized brand in many countries around the world.

A unique folding system with a registered patent
Innoccan’s scooter has a sophisticated and efficient folding system – two light movements without clumsy closing mechanisms, and the scooter folded safely. This is the most convenient and efficient folding mechanism you will find in the field of electric scooters.

Digital display and power switch with registered patent
Enoch’s LCD digital display display is also based on a registered patent. The detailed and readable display shows the speed of the trip, cruise control status, trip distance, battery charge status, and more. It has backlighting during dark hours and self-extinguishing mechanism for battery saving.

Rubber pneumatic tires
Most of the electric scooters sold in Israel are equipped with plastic tires that wear off, do not provide a good grip on a smooth surface and are therefore less secure. Inocus’ adult electric scooter is equipped with 10 “diameter rubber tires that provide a smooth and comfortable ride while maintaining high grip and safety.

The only one with a standard mark
INOKIM’s scooter is the only one awarded a standard by the Israel Standards Institute and the Ministry of Transportation. This is a testament to its quality and safety.

Full year warranty
Our electric scooter was originally designed in 2009 and INOKIM has been in operation since 2011 and is represented in four branches in Israel. Unlike the “sidewalk” stores or other scooter shops, our company is well established and has a history with several branches. We are here and will continue to be here if you need us a lot after purchasing a motorized scooter. This is also why we feel confident enough to give full responsibility to our scooters for a year – we know we can be there for you and implement it if necessary.

A unique anti-theft application
Innoccan’s scooter is the only one offering a special anti-theft app. The app enables, inter alia, to disconnect the scooter engine remotely using the smartphone.

Better performance
With an advanced Lithium Ion battery with a power of 36V / 48 and 10.4 amps / hr and a powerful and efficient brushless engine, Inocus’s professional scooter has excellent performance. It achieves maximum speed, a range of up to 40 km long and can carry a weight of up to 120 kg, compared to 80 kg for most competitors.

The experts in electric scooters
We at INOKIM specialize in one thing only – electric scooters. We do not sell electric bicycles, motor scooters or any other means of transport – only electric scooters.

Inocim and Israel Railways
Inukim is the only company in the field of electric scooters that has received approval to sell and provide service within the railway area. Our branch at the central train station in Tel Aviv (Savidor) also includes a service laboratory and thanks to our advanced folding mechanism, it is not easy to take INOKIM’s scooter to the car, to arrive, open it and drive directly to your destination.

Get in with him everywhere
Enoch’s electric scooter collapses easily and within seconds into extremely compact dimensions so that it can be easily spun and carried anywhere. You can take him to the elevator, home, work, study – our scooter has even received a permit to enter the campus of Tel Aviv University.

Want to upgrade?
Inokim is a company that constantly renews and offers new models and models. This fact enables us to offer our customers also trade-in services in which we buy the old INOKIM and in exchange for the purchase of a new and more advanced model. There is no longer an electric scooter company that offers such a service.

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