Inokim VS Electric bikes

Inokim VS Electric bikes

In recent years more and more people are looking for new and original solutions for urban transportation. The high costs of car maintenance, traffic jams and parking problems, as well as the thought of air pollution in the city

In recent years more and more people are looking for new and original solutions for urban transportation. The high costs of car maintenance, traffic jams and parking problems and the thought of air pollution in the city make transport solutions with green energy more popular than ever before.

But which solution to choose? In a bicycle, in a Segway or perhaps in a motorized scooter? Electric bicycles, for example, are successful, but on the other hand there are also many unflattering references to the news and much attention from the law enforcement authorities.

There is also another solution, original, lucrative and especially effective – adult electric scooter. It is really not a toy but a vehicle for all intents and purposes with a long line of advantages in relation to electric bicycles. Why is Enoch’s electric scooter preferable to an electric bicycle? Here are all the answers.


If you think the performance of an electric bicycle is better than that of a motorized scooter, think again. INOKIM’s electric scooter has an advanced Lithium Ion battery with a power of 36V / 48V and 10.4A / hour. Combined with light self-weight, the electric scooter has excellent performance and reaches extremely high speed – similar to and even more than most electric bikes. The battery, together with a powerful and efficient brushless engine, can carry up to 120 kg, and the electric scooter is particularly long – 40-25 km long, enough for a typical day’s work in the city.


One of the biggest advantages of an electric scooter over an electric bicycle is its light weight. Enoch’s electric scooter weighs just 13 kg, and in the light model even less, which means that it is very easy to carry from place to place, as opposed to heavy and cumbersome electric vehicles.


Enoch’s electric scooter has a unique folding mechanism with a registered patent. In two easy steps, in a few seconds and with no clumsy closure, the scooter folds into very compact dimensions: only 96x40x18 cm in the light model, it can be put into an original Enoch carrier, and go anywhere: to the elevator, to the office, home and even to places of entertainment. To get on a train or a bus, and when you get to simply open it and go on the road with electric bicycles, the story is much more complicated and cumbersome, and most places will not allow you to put them in with you.

in case of an error

What do you do with electric bicycles in the event of a mishap? You have to carry the heavy, cumbersome bike in the heavy heat or in the rain to a service center. What do you do with the electric scooter in a rare case of malfunction? Just fold them up, get in a taxi and drive to Enoch’s nearest service center.

Original, responsible

A large part of the electric bicycles sold in Israel are “sticker modes” that are difficult to tell by the way their components came and where they were assembled. Enoch’s electric scooter is the product of Israeli development, manufactured entirely from A to Z in one plant. This is also why we feel confident to give full year warranty to our scooters.

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