Over the past few years we have seen quite a few Israeli companies in the field of transportation that they have done all over the world thanks to their innovation such as Better Place or Mobileye.

Over the past few years we have seen quite a few Israeli companies in the field of transportation that they have done all over the world thanks to their innovation such as Better Place or Mobileye. Like them, INOKIM also distributes Israeli knowledge and innovation all over the world with an advanced product and global presence.

Israeli invention

Like many other start-ups, INOKIM began its journey in 2009 as a modest “garage” project. The award-winning Israeli industrial designer, Nimrod Sapir, decided to find a solution to the problem that had plagued him for a long time. “I was always looking for ways to get to places quickly, how to get out last but still get to the meeting or meeting time,” recalls Sapir.

“I always had bikes, motorcycles, roller skates or skateboards.” As an environmentally conscious person, Sapir was also troubled by the growing air pollution in the cities, the result of thousands of people “trapped” in polluting cars on their way to work.

He decided to develop an innovative urban transportation solution that will enable people to reach their destination easily and quickly, without any environmental footprints and pollution. Such a solution, he thought, would be effective for those living in the city and, no less, for solving the problem of “the last kilometer” of those who arrive by train or bus from the station.
In 2008, after much thought, Sapir developed a unique folding mechanism for an electric scooter – a mechanism that enables fast and very easy folding. On the basis of this folding mechanism, he began to develop the idea according to the list of characteristics he marked as central for the new product. His motorized scooter, he decided, would be strong enough to carry a man ten miles back to his workplace, easy, user-friendly, safe and easy to operate and attractive and up-to-date. No less important, Sapir wanted a scooter that would be easy to maintain, folding of course so that it could be folded and put into the office, train or home, and also be a fun product and use it would be enjoyable.

The beginning was not easy, without the back of a large company or investor financing. During 2009 Sapir developed his electric scooter called MYWAY, built a number of prototypes and performed hundreds of test trips under different conditions. When he showed it to the public, his product received enthusiastic responses from people around the world who were interested in where to buy such a motorized scooter, “and then I realized that I had something in my hand,” Sapir recalls.


Global presence

Sapir founded a company and began producing the innovative electric scooter that was of great interest. In the first stage, the scooters were sold from a small store in Tel Aviv, but it was clear that in order to realize the potential of the revolutionary product, a broader organizational infrastructure was needed. In 2013, Sapir joined INOKIM, which has since manufactured the electric scooter with its unique folding mechanism.

The combination of INOKIM enabled the enormous growth and unprecedented popularity of the electric scooter. In the first stage, sales began in China and then in other Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. This rapid expansion has not stopped and is currently marketed in Korea.

The next step was to expand the network of distributors to English-speaking countries in the Western world: the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and later to Europe, France, Great Britain, Germany, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia.

The vision of urban freedom

Within a few short years from a paper idea to a company with a global presence – this is the story of INOKIM. As in many other cases, the source of success is that Enoch’s electric scooter gives a real solution to an existing problem. It provides people with the ultimate transportation solution for city travel, while contributing to reducing air pollution in the city – a classic Win-Win situation.

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