The evolution of urban freedom

The evolution of urban freedom

The great city as we know it today is a relatively new historical phenomenon. The industrial revolution of the 18th century led to a great wave of urbanization, of the passage of many of the city to the village

The great city as we know it today is a relatively new historical phenomenon. The industrial revolution of the 18th century led to a great wave of urbanization, the passage of many of the city to the village, and the significant strengthening of cities. The changes in industrial production led to the opening of large factories, and at the same time a change in the laws of ownership of the land left many farmers without land. The result was a massive population transition that followed employment to the big cities.

Urban transportation in the big city

In the large cities of ancient times, tens of thousands of people lived at most, and most of the population lived in villages and small towns. Between 1850 and 1800 the population of the cities doubled, in the sixties of the twentieth century already lived about a third of the population in large cities, and today more than half the population all over the world live in the city and several hundred cities where more than a million people.

Along with urban development, urban means of transportation also developed. If in the past it was possible to roam almost every city on foot and reach everywhere, today’s large cities stretch over dozens of kilometers. Public transportation systems such as underground trains, highways and buses serve millions of people every day, but not every place has such a solution, and even if it is not free of shortcomings. First, public transport costs may not be high, but when used daily, this cost accrues to a significant amount. Add to this congestion, congestion and congestion, malfunctions and strikes, and you’ll understand why people are looking for other, more flexible solutions.

The car is by far the most popular means of transportation, but owning a private car brings with it a host of problems. Licensing, insurance and fuel are very expensive, traffic jams are only getting worse, there is no parking and the car also emits pollutants and harms the environment. These problems are getting worse and worse, and it is clear to everyone that a car is not an appropriate transport solution for urban mobility in the 21st century. In light of all this, it is not surprising that many gates in the world require payment for the entry of cars into the center, and in some cases do not allow this at all.

So if the city is too big to walk, public transportation – in Israel certainly – does not give a real solution to urban mobility and with a car difficult to get along in the city – what to do?

Partial solutions only

The film world sometimes provides a glimpse of the future, and if you look at films created decades ago, you can see urban transportation solutions that the scriptwriters thought of. In the movies the fifth element or Blade Runner, for example, you can see flying cars and we all remember Michael J. Fox’s floating skateboard from the film Back to the Future. But alongside such cinematic solutions that did not materialize, other urban means of transport have also emerged, proving themselves effective and employing many.

A motorcycle or a moped, for example, does not require a parking space, regular or electric bikes can be efficient and there are also those that ride on roller skates or skateboards. These are certainly better solutions to car travel, but they also have quite a few drawbacks.

A motorcycle or moped requires licensing and insurance and are costly and polluting the environment. Electric bikes are prone to theft and can not be put into workplaces, and rollerblades or skateboards require skill and fitness, and in the Israeli summer there is also quite a bit of sweat on the way to the destination. And then the question is asked again – what do we do?

The last step in evolution

This is exactly what the industrial designer Nimrod Sapir said. “I was always looking for ways to get to places quickly, get out last and get first … I had bikes, motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards …”. Sapir sought an innovative urban transportation solution that would save time, be efficient, green and environmentally friendly, would not require physical exertion and would be fun to use. Thus the idea of a folding electric scooter came to his mind, which would also solve the problem of the “last mile” of those arriving by train, for example, and from the railway station to reach their place of work.

Sapir developed INOKIM – an original electric folding scooter that can carry 120 kg for up to 40 kilometers, and fold in three easy movements into compact dimensions that can be inserted anywhere.

Enoch’s motorized scooter is the last stage in the evolution of urban transport. Whether you live in the city or travel to it every day, you have found the ultimate solution to urban freedom. You do not need skill or physical fitness, no insurance or licensing – just get on it and go.

Thanks to the revolutionary folding mechanism and its compact dimensions, Enoch’s scooter can be put anywhere – for the train, the office, the elevator, home and even places of entertainment. It will bring you wherever you want quickly and easily, and its battery charge is simple in every socket.

More importantly, Enoch’s scooter with green technology does not harm the environment at all, and its cost of maintenance and operation is particularly cheap. So if you’re looking for an efficient urban, green, advanced and with a lot of style, you’ve come to the right place.

People call it an electric scooter, we call it Urban Freedom.

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