Common Questions
What is important to know before you buy any e-scooter
What is the difference between INOKIM electric scooter and MYWAY?

No difference, INOKIM is the name given to MYWAY products when they entered mass production in China.

What is the difference between INOKIM's electric scooter and it's battery compared to others?

INOKIM's electric scooter is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, similar to batteries used in electric and hybrid cars such as Toyota PRIUS or TESLA. Lithium-Ion batteries are the most advanced ones and their advantages include: long-lasting charging, light weight, compact, fast charging and more.

What is the difference between INOKIM's electric scooter and other companies' scooters?

INOKIM began to produce about eight years ago, a folding electric scooter that won many prizes and was very successful all over the world. INOKIM's scooter is built out of an high-quality materials and assemblies, consists of one factory and undergoes strict quality control. Our folding mechanism and electronic throttle are patented as INOKIM's scooter is the only one who has received a certificate from the Israel Standards Institute. Most of the electric scooters sold in Israel are "cheap" products made up of parts that come from different sources without any quality control. This is why, unlike other scooters, our electric scooter has a manufacturer warranty.

Repairs and Maintenance

Folding handlebars: By easy folding of the handlebars, you can solve the problem that is noticeable when the scooter is raised or stored. In this way, INOKIM scooter is the first company in the world to manufacture a folding electric model 8 years ago and has won many awards all over the world., unlike most of the companies, especially in Israel, that sell cheap products. perhaps this is why only INOKIM is giving a life-time warranty without any costs.

Is INOKIM's electric scooter resistant to moisture?

. The electric scooter is waterproof however it is advised to avoid deep water



INOKIM's Battery charge and travel time

Inokim's battery is an high-technology battery that provides a long range of 30-40 KM for a full-battery charge

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The Average charging time is up to 3-5 hours using a standard home-socket

What is the scooter's range?

Equipped full charged advanced battery, the range of the scooter ride can reach 30-50 Kilometers at optimal condition
carrying up to 100Kg, without hills, strong winds or emergency stops.

Activation Of Warranty

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Activating Warranty Certificate

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